About Us

Blessed Creations Boutique, LLC all began from the start of purchasing beads a couple of years ago. The purpose was to make bracelets with my girls as an activity that we could do together and have fun while making them. I thought it was something that they would be interested in but I was wrong.

Rather than throwing the beads away, I made a few bracelets that I really liked (hey we all think we make masterpieces) and gave them away as Christmas gifts. They really liked them and thought they were store bought. Even with all the compliments, I did not stick to making them. It was not until this year during the pandemic that I decided to pick the bead idea back up. (I mean I had to find something to do because due to COVID-19 we were all stuck in the house pretty much).

One of the bracelets that I made my Pastor happened to see at church and she complimented on it. I told her that I had made it and she made the comment that I should make them and put a price on them. That is all she said.

My Father is the King TShirts

From that day I did exactly what she said and began to sell bracelets. Then God gave me the ability to make necklaces, then earrings, then bags, then t-shirts, then tumblers, and the list goes on. I give all the credit to God first and foremost but also to my Pastor for seeing my capabilities and talent when I could not.

Blessed Creations Boutique is a faith-based business with the focus of spreading the word of Jesus, being an encouragement and blessing to all families and individuals. Most of the items or practically all the items that you will see is pertaining to having Faith in God and loving the Lord. It is my hope that through our products, more and more people will get to know Christ Jesus!

The Julia Shirt

The Julia shirt is named after my Pastor, Julia. She gave me the motivation to begin Blessed Creations Boutique by saying “Take things step by step and day by day” often.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Blessed Creations Boutique is awesome. If you want to make your outfit stand out with some fabulous inspirational jewelry sets or if you want to make a statement with one of her original T-shirts, Blessed Creation Boutique is the place for you. I have purchased bracelets with inspirational messages, and they speak to my heart. I love that she is willing to work with you and make your product whether it be a t-shirt, bracelet, or earrings specific to your needs. I love the creativity and uniqueness of each piece.”

Samira Daniel